Royal Park Rajapruek

General Information

Royal Park Rajapruek (Royal Flora Ratchaphruek)
In 2006 the Royal Thai Government, through the Department of Agriculture, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives organized the International Horticultural Exposition at the Royal Agricultural Research Centre, Chiang Mai, for His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of His Majesty's Accession to the Throne and His 80th Birthday Anniversary.
The exposition was extremely successful. There were a total of more than 3 million visitors including foreigners visited the Exposition.
In 2008, the Cabinet, in order to extend the success of the exposition and to make use of the International Horticultural Exposition area for maximum benefit, has authorized the Highland Research and Development Institute (Public Organization) to manage the area since December 11, 2009 as a learning centre for botanical agriculture and the site for agro-tourism and culture at the international level of Thailand.
Subsequently, His Majesty the King has graciously given the name of this area as "The Royal Park Rajapruek" since January 23, 2010.

As the park of Promoting His Majesty's Benevolence on the Development of the Quality of life of people.
To provide the knowledge related to the benevolence of His Majesty and the Royal Family concerning the development of life and welfare of the people based on the philosophy off sufficiency and the new theory.

As the park of Knowledge and Recreation;
Learning center on botanical agriculture of Thailand and international community related to diversity of plant species. Display garden that suited the landscape is beautiful habitat through the seasonal. And improvements to the area are always interesting. Choice of materials that promote the concept of global warming, Energy Conservation. As well as to make the world green with nature. To ensure their happiness and value of life to visitors.

The Value and Inspiration within the Royal Park Rajapruek ;
Building and construction Facilities
The Royal Pavilion: The most prominent structure of the Royal Rajapruek, Built according to the unique Lanna architecture of Northern Thailand, is beautiful, elegant and splendid. It imitates the construction concept of "Ho Khom' which was the royal pavilion of Northern King of the olden days.

Conference and Exhibition Center Pavilion;
A building set aside for conference seminars and exhibitions where general public educational Institutes. Societies government and private agencies can make use of the facilities ad venue for extension of technical knowledge and information exchange.

Corporate Gardens 

Corporate Gardens in honor of the King: The Corporate Gardens were allocated to public and private sectors to arrange gardens which demonstrated His Majesty's speech in the agricultural sector, in the royal projects and showed the philosophy and the theory behind His Majesty's guidance. These gardens were designed to demonstrate the basic tenets underlying His Majesty's initiatives so that Thai people, especially farmers, could learn and apply the guidance to enjoy a better quality of life. This would lead to the conservation of natural resources including soil, water, forest and biofuel on a sustainable basis.
There are 19 organizations which participated in the Corporate Gardens to pay homage to His Majesty the King.

International Garden;

The international gardens offered other countries a chance to join in the celebration of His Majesty the King's 60th Anniversary of His Accession to the Throne and His 80th Birthday Anniversary. Altogether, 21 countries (22 gardens) from 3 continents participated. These were:
Asia 12 countries (13 gardens), Europe 4 countries (4 gardens), and Africa 5 countries (5 gardens)

Contact Royal Park Rajapruek is open everyday

Entrance Fee
Adult 100 baht
Children 50 baht

Entrance Fee
Shuttle Tram Fee
Adult 20 baht
Children 10 baht

Further information can be obtained from Royal Park Rajapruek;
Address: Mae-hia, Muang, Chiang Mai 50200 
Tel. 66 (0) 53 114110-5 
Fax. 66 (0) 53 114196 
Website: http://www.royalparkrajapruek.org




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