Umbrella Making Centre

General Information

Among all northern Thai crafts, umbrellas made from SA (mulbury) paper are favored by many visitors. If you are one of those, it's a must to visit the umbrella making center at Borsang Village, Chiangmai. The village is situated north of Chiang Mai along the Sankhampaeng Road where it meets the Doi Saket Road about 10kms out of town. There you could find umbrellas of various sizes and colors, and watch the whole making process.

The true beauty of the umbrellas is in the exquisite pictures and designs that decorate them. Due to their fragility, they are more suitable for gifts or indoor display than to practically use them, especially under the rain.

Other interesting products made from SA paper are fans and lamps, which are also available at the center. At Chiangmai on Loy-Krathong night festival (around November each year), many paper balloons are released onto the sky to make a very beautiful, memorable scene.


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